Server Information

• Newly Opened Server!
• 99/70 Trans + Expanded Classes
• Rates:5k/5k/3 + (Custom Droprates)
• Free to Play
• Active GM and staff
• Fun community
• Instant Pvp!
• MVP/Mini Cards disabled during War of Emperium
• 2 PVPRooms (MVP Enabled/Disabled Rooms)
• Instant Job Changer!

Call your friends and team up!
So what are you waiting for? Join us right now!

Donation System

PHP USD Proof of Donation
1000 20.00 10

How to Send Donation to Max Ragnarok Online

  1. The Donation will be gladly appreciated
  2. Full donation information will be inside of the server
  3. Just message us on our Facebook page for more details
  4. Facebook : Max Ragnarok Online
    Just send a message: How to donate
    And our Admin will assist you!

  5. Please use this format while sending donation
  6. First Name*:
    Middle Initial:
    Last Name*:
    Present Address*:
    Postal/Zip Code:
    Phone/Mobile Number*: (Please input a valid number so we can update you if you got your PODS points already.)
    Control Number*: (Double check your control number before sending the email.)
    Amound Sent*:
    Character Name*: (Please input an exact valid in-game name.)


Send your valid information to validate your payment and process the PODS points immediately within 12 to 24 hours.